MICO: Music Producer/DJ/Drummer/World Traveller
He studied classical piano at a young age and was study in the Jazz Department of Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. After graduation, he studied at the Vienna Conservatory of Music in Austria and the Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States. He traveled to dozens of countries around the world.
He has served as arranger, production and concert tour for top pop singers such as Han Geng, Sa Dingding, Zhang Jie, and Tan Weiwei. Served as the music director of the Audi Guangzhou Space Station event, and created and arranged all the music and sound effects of the video and exhibition hall.
Created the JMP (JungleMico Project) live electronic band. Within half a year of its establishment, the band was exclaimed by foreign media magazines as the most international and imaginative voice in China. At the same time, they were also praised by foreign magazines. Five stars is recommended as one of the must-see live performances for foreigners in Beijing.
China is currently the only one who has been nominated for the Midi Music Award for five consecutive years. In 2015, the first album “Roaming” was nominated for the best electronic artist in the 2015 Asian Chinese Music Media Awards. In 2016, the second newly composed album “Dream Walking” was released, which was described by many listeners as a dream that is difficult to wake up. In 2017, the album “Dream Walking” was nominated for the best electronic album by the China Music Award CMA. In the same year, a number of famous musicians at home and abroad, such as Jojo Mayer, Tan Weiwei, Gao Qi, etc., released their third new album “Fun You”, which was well received. In 2018, the “Dream Walking” album entered the top 200 of the ITUNES National Electronic Music Sales Ranking, and was nominated for the second time in the Asian Chinese Music Media Awards and the 2nd China Music Award CMA Best Electronic Artist and Record, and finally won the 2nd CMA China Sing the best electronic music album of the work committee. In 2018, he released the fourth new album “View·Freedom”. In 2019, he won the Best Work Award of the Shenzhen Cultural Festival and the Golden Spike Award of the Beijing Modern Music Institute in the same year. In 2019, he signed a contract with Taihe Music, China’s largest record company, and released the fifth new album “The World”. In the same year, he was nominated by Midi Music for five consecutive years. The album “The World” was nominated as Midi’s best electronic music record. In 2020, he was invited to participate in the live broadcast of NetEase Music’s four major electronic music labels. The total number of live broadcasts was set within 1.5 hours. 430,000, the four major platforms ranked first in the hourly list of the day. In 2020, the sixth new album “China Calling” will be released.


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13 dicembre 2020