Ni believes the future between east and west is to learn from each other and work together tightl y- which is the reason he decided to set up his office in Berlin – his favorite city in west.
Ni Bing is one of the founding fathers of China’s electronic music.He started as a radio DJ in Shenzhen boomtown back in the mid-‘90s. He brought Ken Ishii/Claude Young to the old Club Orange in Beijing. He became one of China ’s earliest and most successful audiopreneurs, guys who saw that music wasn’t just stuff that came out of speaker, but a lifestyle and an entirely new one at that. He went abroad and spent years in Berlin kicking soccer balls with guys like Mijk Van Dijk. He once partied with Danny Tenaglia for 12 straight hours. He came back to China and ran the Morcheeba tour. He ushered Ladytron around the Middle Kingdom. In 2005 he arrived in Beijing smelling opportunity. Now he manages bands and DJs, holds distribution rights for HB Recordings and Minty Fresh records in China.
After his next stop which was Shanghai World Expo to manage the best music/sports venue in China–Mercedes-Benz Arena, He is invading the resort territory now to make skiers and surfers with either Gstaad or Ibiza lifestyle by carrying his new 123 club scale festivals.
As a DJ,he started his career with Hong Kong/Paris based techno label Technasia from 1997, the year he started the radio show Future mix and began to tour with the label owner Amil Khan which was quickly credited by the legendary superstar DJs like Richie Hawtin/Sven Vath and Laurent Garnier.
After promoting indie shows in China over 20 years mostly focus on electronic and hip hop music, Ni just set up his own record label in 2015 in Chengdu – Drum Rider Records – targeting the increasing potential of local talents, and working with world class producers Howie B, Mark Reeder. Ni successfully managed to take A&R works to produce and write music for China’s rock n’roll godfather Cui Jian, Pepsi’s World Cup Campaign, 5 films scores including Lost In Thailand which is the best selling film at 2012, with projects to produce and co-write bands like Whai, The Nand,Wu Zhuoling, S.T.O.L.E.N and Hanging On The Box’s new album from the biggest indie label Modern Sky China.
Trying to bridge China with west by his new berlin firm Drum Rider GmbH – bringing Europe’s leading electronic/hip hop music labels/distributors and aggregators to the Greater China market. So far the biggest Berlin-based aggregator Paradise catalogue is signed via Ni’s Drum Rider GmbH to Alibaba China. Kompakt from Cologne is also coming on the way to China; Ni also signed the exclusive distribution and management deal with Mouthwatering from Bern,Werewolves from Seville, Sinnbus from Berlin, and Ninja Tunes to in China.
Ni also runs the most popular podcast Midnightalks with his radio show Future Mix which has 4-5 millions clicks each episode, with 20 million fans. Ni is also running with Luoo as the most successful indie playlist application – having 3 million die-hard fans.
Ni’s hired as the chief A&R Director for online TV production show in 2018 called Rave In China,invested by Tencent and producers by Star TV to handle mostly three celebrities and all talent music production A&R works. He now also works as Head of International for the biggest music company – Taihe Music Group in China.


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13 dicembre 2020